The next generation of scientific notebook. A standalone frontend to IPython for Mac.

Why IPython?


The interactive notebook format lets you try out Python code, get instant feedback, then tweak your code as many times as you need. Mix text and code to keep notes of what you're doing and organize your thoughts as you go.


Get immediate graphical feedback inside your notebook. Notebooks can include graphs, plots, images, sounds, 3D visualizations, and HTML. Use the built-in advanced Python libraries to make data visualization easy.


IPython notebooks are an open standard for sharing, publishing, and archiving computational work. Notebooks can be shared directly, or exported to HTML, PDF, Markdown, or commented pure Python.

What's special about Pineapple?


Pineapple is a self-contained application that requires no other components to work. Installation is a simple drag-n-drop into your Applications folder. It will not interfere with any other installations of languages, libraries, or environments.


The classic IPython notebook interface uses a web browser for the user interface. Pineapple controls are native to the operating system for a consistent, integrated experience.


Powerful enough for beginners, simple enough for advanced users. Many standard useful Python libraries included. Integrated help examples. Add libraries with a single command in your notebook, no need for the command line.

Selectable themes


Official default style


A fresh clean look with functional styling


A pleasing blend of earth tones


Retro look for hard-core hacking


Add a bit of personal style

Python 3.5

PEP 492

async and await coroutines

PEP 465

Matrix multiplication @

PEP 448

Generalized unpacking

Python 2.7 version also available if you prefer

Tool Extensions


Run input code at the click of a button


Mark cells as read-only

Unit testing

Show styled unittest results



Essentials such as numpy and matplotlib

Full Python standard library

Full version

Includes scipy, pandas, bokeh, ggplot, Pillow, and more

Includes 63 packages


Split longer notebooks into separate tabs.

Open source science

It's a thing.

Pineapple source code on GitHub

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